First Black Owned Supermarket

Think Like a Boss has been empowering the community since 2014 through women empowerment, entrepreneurship, teen programs, media content, and more. Generational wealth and financial stability for the black community has always been the goal.  We have to adopt the mindset that buying and supporting black businesses is for progress and not just for protest. 

In 2020 our lives were completely turned upside down as we navigated 2 pandemics. A virus brought us to a stand still while racism brought us to our knees. Our communities are exhausted. Throughout the years racism has thrived systemically because we always depend on their systems. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores are the most important aspect of food production and distribution because they are the interface between supply and demand but there are less than 10 supermarkets in the entire USA that are black owned! How do we expect to be healthy if our oppressors are feeding us?

Grocery stores can serve as the center of neighborhood economies, recirculating local revenues through wages and nearby businesses. They can also be neighborhood hubs, where people go to buy good food as well as employment centers and sources of community pride. But where there are no grocery stores, or where they’re not enmeshed in the fabric of the community, problems arise.

The black community has proven over and over again that we have tremendous buying power at a whopping $1.2 trillion a year. More so, more than ever we have so many amazing Entrepreneurs coming up with black owned solutions for products, food, toiletries, produce that can fill the aisles of our own grocery store.

Think Like a Boss and the Think Like a Boss Community will spearhead THE FIRST BLACK OWNED SUPERMARKET IN THE TRI STATE AREA. Seneca Market. The supermarket is named after one of the first thriving Black Villages in NYC that was self sufficient before it was tore down and destroyed to build Central Park. Our Seneca Market will become the blueprint for the first steps of sustainability through neighborhood economics by sourcing from black farmers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, wholesalers etc then FRANCHISING to recreate the market in different cities around the nation. Our first location will be in New Jersey, upon completion and success, move on to NYC, & Philadelphia.

One of the main reasons why Black People shy away from a project this size is due to capital.  Lenders are not to eager to give funding to Black Entrepreneurs. So we are turning to the community to help us save us! We will need to secure our space, work on interior to accommodate a market, get food and supplies, insurance, inventory & POS systems, and all legalities to begin.

We have a small team of investors to help with the project and a board of directors to bring the entire vision to fruition. But most importantly we have any and everyone who will be donating to this project. 2020 revealed how integral it is to stand in solidarity and support our communities. When problems arise and we protest we have to make sure we complete the mission.  No more talking in 2020 , we have to act!

Thank you to all involved and to all that will soon be part of change. We all we got.

Alexandra , Founder/CEO 

Think Like a Boss